I've been learning about Collaged Characters.

I've been a bit of a silent follower of the Art Journey along at UK Scrapers. Printed off all the tutorials and getting lots of excellent ideas for my daily Art Journal.

Last week's lesson was from Julie Kirk. I love her quirky style. You can see it over at http://notesonpaper.blogspot.com/

Collaged characters are something I have been wanting to try so I set myself a goal of making an ATC with one. Quite a challenge to get small enough bits. Not very many pieces and I forgot to sketch around the outside to tie it all together but overall this ATC makes me smile.......Does it make you?


  1. That is very good - made me have a little chuckle!! I love the way the funny rabbit person is standing, with attitude! :-)

  2. Very fun!! I so need to get back to creating!!

  3. Beverly, thank you so much for introducing me to Julie Kirk's blog. I just learned about art journaling bits from her and I'm looking forward to creating some French versions:) LUV your Rabbit with his thick-soled shoes!