I'm back again

I just got busy and allowed myself to neglect my blog! Like everything else in life, I have to work at it for it to become a habit. Like my Junk Journal. I cut & paste and scribble in it everyday. It's what I do.

My latest effort is a sort of Zentangle. I read on another blog about an art teacher who took several large faces from magazines to class and her students decorated the faces so I thought...what about a whole page?

Mr K was watching golf on TV, so, sitting there with him but me not much interested in golf I started doodling or zentangling. By the end of the evening I had this.....

I am very pleased with the overall look, although I could fill it with more precision. Then it struck me that this is not much different to maori tattoos and that is probably why I am fascinated with the process.

Tonight is the final of the golf....I already have another face to doodle on....golf isn't so bad afterall!


  1. I love it! Very cool, would love to see some more x

  2. Love this!! What a fun way just to doodle!

  3. Beverly, merci beaucoup for visiting my blog FrenchKissed and leaving a comment. I dropped in to return the favor and what a delight:) I've enjoyed reading your posts. I LOVE this zentangling. Never heard of it before....but I think it's an awesome improvement over airbrushing and making models looking inhumanely perfect.haha!:)