Do you Lose Things?

I'm participating in a Round Robin Journal Swap over on UKStampers and the Journal I have at the moment has the theme  "Places" so naturally I chose New Zealand. Although I no longer live there and am unlikely to again, it is still a beautiful country with lovely friendly people.

I wanted to capture the essence of New Zealand.
Blue skies
Deep blue sea
Green grass and trees
and of course the unique Maori culture

So I painted Rangitoto Island with the blue sky above and the sea below with water colour pencils, then stamped and collaged other images. It was OK but I thought it could be better (why are we so hard on ourselves?) Then I put it under something to flatten it....a week later I couldn't find it because I couldn't remember where I hid it.

Not meant to be so I created another page.

This one in my style - collaged.......

Then...of course....I found the other one ...ah opportunity to relive some memories. But which one will I put in the RR Journal?


  1. So Pretty!!! Great job!!! And I do the same thing, put something in a "safe" place and then completely forgot where I put it!!! Glad I'm not the only one!!

  2. I like the first one... well it's really the second one isn't it? The one you didn't loose anyway haha!!
    Great job Mum, they both look fab xx