A few Royal things

Well it was quite a weekend. I've always loved the pomp and ceremony of all things royal. Even if you're not a fan of the royal family you have to admire the commitment and stamina of the Queen. She is quite remarkable and I hope I'm still that active in my eighties. An ATC to commemorate the Jubilee...

And here's another ATC with a wise quote....I wonder if the Queen has ever dusted?

and now to Royal business... One supplier to our business sends invoices weekly and includes a return address envelope with every invoice. Since I pay online I'm gathering quite a collection of these security envelopes. Have you ever paid much attention to the insides? All sorts of patterns and colours ...so I made a page for my Smash book/Junk Journal with the theme of Royal Mail.

Until next time... Beverly

What Have I Been Doing?

Learning to be a Grannykins... This is William born at 5am on 30 April 2012. My first grandchild and I think the first baby I have held since my youngest daughter was born 30 years ago. You don't lose the touch or that incredible feeling of wonder at life's creations.
Work has been taking up a lot of my time. Keeps the brain active...the mind young and I enjoy it.
And for relaxation I play with scissors, paper and glue. I've made this 8 page Smash Book for a swap and I'm sending it to the USA tomorrow. I'm really pleased with the finished result so I just had to take photos before I send it.
What are you doing for the Jubilee? I've done some patriotic crafting!

Do you Lose Things?

I'm participating in a Round Robin Journal Swap over on UKStampers and the Journal I have at the moment has the theme  "Places" so naturally I chose New Zealand. Although I no longer live there and am unlikely to again, it is still a beautiful country with lovely friendly people.

I wanted to capture the essence of New Zealand.
Blue skies
Deep blue sea
Green grass and trees
and of course the unique Maori culture

So I painted Rangitoto Island with the blue sky above and the sea below with water colour pencils, then stamped and collaged other images. It was OK but I thought it could be better (why are we so hard on ourselves?) Then I put it under something to flatten it....a week later I couldn't find it because I couldn't remember where I hid it.

Not meant to be so I created another page.

This one in my style - collaged.......

Then...of course....I found the other one ...ah well....an opportunity to relive some memories. But which one will I put in the RR Journal?

I've been learning about Collaged Characters.

I've been a bit of a silent follower of the Art Journey along at UK Scrapers. Printed off all the tutorials and getting lots of excellent ideas for my daily Art Journal.

Last week's lesson was from Julie Kirk. I love her quirky style. You can see it over at http://notesonpaper.blogspot.com/

Collaged characters are something I have been wanting to try so I set myself a goal of making an ATC with one. Quite a challenge to get small enough bits. Not very many pieces and I forgot to sketch around the outside to tie it all together but overall this ATC makes me smile.......Does it make you?

I'm back again

I just got busy and allowed myself to neglect my blog! Like everything else in life, I have to work at it for it to become a habit. Like my Junk Journal. I cut & paste and scribble in it everyday. It's what I do.

My latest effort is a sort of Zentangle. I read on another blog about an art teacher who took several large faces from magazines to class and her students decorated the faces so I thought...what about a whole page?

Mr K was watching golf on TV, so, sitting there with him but me not much interested in golf I started doodling or zentangling. By the end of the evening I had this.....

I am very pleased with the overall look, although I could fill it with more precision. Then it struck me that this is not much different to maori tattoos and that is probably why I am fascinated with the process.

Tonight is the final of the golf....I already have another face to doodle on....golf isn't so bad afterall!

A Week of Work

I'm loving being busy and my week sure was quite varied. Paying invoices, reconciling bank statements, counting cash (mmm like that one), printing out marketing material, stuffing envelopes, staff appraisals, staff motivational talks to name a few.

The secret to staying young? Keep the brain busy and the body active. Now my foot is completely healed we've got back into walking at 6.30am. I reckon in another 2 weeks I'll be able to take my camera and snap a few shots of the things we see in the woods.

Well I didn't see this in our woods but I did learn about the Slow Loris this week. They are a primate, living in South and Southeast Asia and classed as "Vulnerable" or "Endangered". The Slow Loris is small and cute but gives out a harmful poison in it's bite. People buy them as pets but beforehand, the front teeth of the animal are pulled out to make them safe. It's quite a controversy. There are cute UTube videos of these little furry animals in captivity but is it right?

And I'll leave you with that thought. Have a busy and happy week....

What Have I Been Doing?

My youngest daughter who has a great blog http://what-vanessa-does.blogspot.com/ asked me when was I going to start blogging again? I replied that I had run out of things to talk about.....or had I? Am I just being lazy?

On Friday night we celebrated Australia Day with my Aussi friend Trish. She prepared for us kangaroo stew with damper bread plus kangaroo burgers and sausages...and wine of course! The stew was delicious, slow cooked and tasted much like a beef stew. The sausages and burgers were tasty but had the stronger flavour of game.

After our drinks and nibbles we went home to watch a film on TV. The Black Swan. I enjoyed it but I think Mr K might have been a tad bored with ballet...after all with 3 daughters he has watched an awful lot over the years. He'd rather be watching football now. Anyway the film was a bit dark without a happy ending.

Saturday night, home alone again we watched Pirates of the Caribbean, #4, Johnny Depp is delightfully naughty but the film didn't hold my attention although the ferocious mermaids were interesting. I was left wondering why a talent such as Mr Depp makes these films...but perhaps in the small print of his contract for the first Pirates he has too.

This week we actually saw 3 movies as on Thursday night we went to our monthly film club and saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes. A great film which I thoroughly enjoyed. And it was good to relive walking the Golden Gate Bridge again. I was amazed that all those apes were digitally created. How can you tell what's real and what's created digitally these days?

A week doesn't go by when I don't create something. This is an ATC for a swap. Its not digital...I still love cutting and pasting. I like my little works of art to tell a story and this one amuses me.

What have I learnt this week? One of our stylists is quite sick so I have had to learn about SSP, Statuary Sick Pay. I also went to a networking afternoon tea at the Tea Monkey and learnt that tea has the same amount of caffeine as coffee but unlike coffee the tea releases it slowly over time, whereas coffee releases the caffeine all at once. The things you learn!