Journal Journey

In 2009 I started keeping a bit of a journal - random posts at infrequent intervals. So in 2010 I was determined to stick at it and created this month to a view, just writing one sentence each day. By the year end I had done it....every day and I was immensely pleased with that acheivement. Each day was one little square plus the top page for photos.

This year I decided to incorporate a bit of art and collage as well, creating my own version of the newly popular Smash Book. So far I have completed 3 of these journals. They are such fun to do and a great source of relaxation for me.

This weekend I prepared my next journal, using up some scraps of material for a wrap around patchwork cover. When I made the first ones earlier this year I punched the Bind-it machine through the fabric which it did not like at all. This time I attached firm paper to the fabric using zigzag stitch and then used the Bind-it machine. Much more successful. So here it is brand new journal ready to be played with.

Wishing you lots of happiness


  1. Wow!!! They both look beautiful!!!! I am impressed that you now even have your own Bind-It machine. You must be pretty serious about your journal life. As I haven't added to mine in 3 months, I guess I could take a page from your example........
    Love the fabric idea!

  2. Thank you Rose. I've developed a bit of a passion for the journals - as you can see.

  3. I so want to try one of the smash books!! Love looking at the photos of yours!! I am also having a wonderful time journaling for a certain someone!! Can't wait to send it out!!