Some things are just incomprehensible. We spent Sunday in London, riverboat cruising on the Thames. Lovely scenery. Peaceful, relaxing day.

Not knowing that Sunday evening would turn to this....

Then this...

It is ridiculous. There is no reason, no cause.....just thugs. It makes me so sad, angry, sad, angry......

Back to the cruise. We went as far as Windsor Castle and by this stage of the day it was raining so we were all inside the boat....(and there are a couple of good stories to tell about that!)

This is Windsor Castle....well you can't see anything can you? But I love the photo. Beautiful droplets of water.

Keep safe.


  1. I feel the same as you... mostly dismayed. I am sure there's more (and worse) yet to come.
    On a brighter note, I love the droplets too - fab photo!

  2. Hi Beverly. I just wanted to pop by abnd say thank you for leaving such a brave, moving, comment on my blog.

    Julie :-)