Back to London and I'm a Winner

Friday night and we're back in London to celebrate Rebecca's birthday. We got a bit muddled with the underground and went in a bit of a circle but eventually we met everyone at the Restaurant for a super pasta meal, wine and lots of laughter. We do laugh a lot, our family. I managed the spaghetti with the spoon and fork technique quite well without slopping it down my front.

Here's Rebecca on what seems like the "blue" side of the table...the boys side for those of you who don't know about blue jobs and pink jobs.

And here's the "pink" side. I am so proud of all my family. They are wonderful young people and make me so happy.

I love my top. It's called the funeral top and will remind us always of Mum. I bought the top in New Zealand because I wanted something cheerful to wear to Mum's funeral. She would not have wanted me in black - she always called black outfits "widow's weeds" and hence never wore black herself. On reflection, I think I was not myself when I purchased the top....what was I thinking of? Might have caused all the lovely old ladies from the home who came to the funeral, to die of shock. Wisely, my girls would not let me wear it and I chose a blue number instead. However we all love my multicoloured top when I wear it now.

Today I found out I had won this twine in a craft giveaway. I'm going to have lots of fun making things with it. Too good to use to wrap parcels. Thank you Julie from


  1. Well done on the win!! And what a great night with family, fun and pasta. I LOVE the top - yes, maybe not appropriate for Grandma's funeral, but she'll love us telling the story every time you wear it! Another successful Kepple-Family Fable for the history books xx

  2. I just popped in to say thank you for your lovely, thoughtful comment on my recent journal pages. Thanks so much.

    p.s: I'm glad to read your twine reached you!

    p.p.s: the first thing I thought when I saw that photo was 'Wow, I love that top'. You're a walking art-journal in it!