I've done the cover

I used up lettering I've had for an age. I plan to use my Bindit machine when I've finished the playbook so it just has a temporary ring - that way I can reorganise the pages or add more later.

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  1. Your work is interesting, to say the very least!
    I love how you've done your cover, for example. It's delightful outlook, cheering words, and playful openness mean a person would be bound to be inspired to add to the pages behind it!
    I really love the way the eye roves the surface, how there's always a little something more I hadn't noted before. Very fine work!
    As for the ATC of the gentleman from Leeds, that has just become a favorite among ATC arts that I've seen so far online.
    Brilliant use of space! You've really got the eye!
    You now have my Follow.
    And Thank You for taking the time to leave your sweet comment for me to start my day with! I'm well rewarded by what I find here. I've already learned from you, you see........