Weekend Play

Playing around with circles as embellishments

And the latest Vintage ATC - A Gentleman from Leeds

I've done the cover

I used up lettering I've had for an age. I plan to use my Bindit machine when I've finished the playbook so it just has a temporary ring - that way I can reorganise the pages or add more later.

Coincidence or not?

About four months ago I received a bunting as a gift in a swap. It had the letters of the word EXPLORE on it so I hung it on the mirror in my office to admire and remind me that life is a journey.

Yesterday we received the first prompt for Shimelle's latest on-line course named "Explore". We were to create a little play book and take a self-portrait in a mirror.

Is that a coincidence or not?

I have all my pages cut to size and tonight I'll create the cover and post it here tomorrow. Shimelle's classes are always fun, I learn something new each time and excellent value for money.

More Collage

Another example of the Vignette - The Smoker

The final lesson was about the Grid. I've used this a lot in scrapbooking so it was fun to try it with something else - The Fisher Girl.

I'm spending today making ATCs where most have the vintage theme. Strange how things change as a year ago I did not like old things. Of course this has nothing to do with me getting older. I'm not vintage yet. LOL