Busy on Collage

The 3rd lesson was about Vignette, grouping images together in the middle of the page. My first effort was "The Man in Brown". I admire so much artists who can group random objects together and it all looks great but when I do it, it doesn't gel together in my eyes. I do like to tell a little story in all my work. But, although this has a story I don't think it's quite right as a vignette - it looks like a page within a page. If I was to do it again I would tear the text background into a random shape instead of the square.

Here's the second effort titled "My Style" The whole thing amuses me but I'm still not happy that its a vignette composition.

Third time lucky? Yes. Here's "Brilliant Style" which I am pleased with.

In the other collage course I made background papers using various text papers and a bit of stamping on top.

Lots of fun and a bit of a break through.....I got messy fingers with the glue and it wasn't as bad as I thought!

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