Decision made...I'm back

Firstly a word about grief. What I have experienced these past 3 months. It takes it's own time to work through and you can't hurry the process. So if any of my readers are grieving, its OK. We never forget, but life does eventually return to normal.

I am feeling so much better now ....I feel like continuing my blog so here I am....back again.

This is my latest craft activity - Art Journals. This one has a soft cover that wraps around and ties with a ribbon. The pages inside can be as bulky as I like. I'm using it for jotting down things that happen, ideas I get and pasting in ideas from magazines. The odd bit of my own art work. Loving it!

Every page is different. There are pockets and flaps and all kinds of bits and pieces.

I'm still enjoying swapping crafts on swap-bot but I have been doing less of late. I joined an ATC one to make all the stops on a Monopoly Board. The first was the 4 corners. Go, Go to Jail, Free Parking & In Jail. All was fine. The next swap was the first 6 properties and boy did I learn something.

You see I always thought Monopoly was an English Board Game, well that was the version I had played but I discovered in my research that the game originated in USA so contains streets I had never heard of. When the game was introduced to the UK a group of people got together at The Angel Tea House in Islington to decide on UK streets which would make the game sell better in the UK. Hence the London version.

It's been fun and educational to research each road as to why its famous and therefore on the board. And I've learnt more about London as I try to find each road on the map. Wikipedea says that Vine Street's only claim to fame is that it is a street on the Monopoly Board. The things you can learn.....

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