September 2010

Its been a busy month
1. I published my book. "DISCovering the Ultimate Tool" Sales are going well and the feedback has been excellent.

2. The family have been busy travelling the world. Louise to Fiji for a wedding, then to New Zealand to see Grandma and finally a stopover in Hong Kong to see the sights and visit old friends.
Vanessa and Derek relaxed and enjoyed themselves for 2 weeks in Mexico while Steph & Glen took in the sights of the Greek Islands.
Meanwhile Lindsay, Rebecca, Doug and I have been working very hard.

3. Visitors

Gordon came to stay, made himself very much at home and showed us his hobbies, definitely a follower of football teams wearing yellow.

Absolutely wonderful to spend time with Di and Lloyd after their holiday in Turkey before going back to NZ. Di and I have known each other 45 years and nothing has changed - well except some wrinkles.

Tomorrow I meet up with my friend from the baby years, Karen who is on transit from NZ to other friends in the UK. I'm looking forward to that.

4. Craft
Still finding it relaxing to sit at my craft table (aka dining table) of an evening. Last month I discovered ATCs - Artists Trading Cards - miniature pieces of art which we make and swap on swap-bot and they are quite addictive...but lots of fun.

Wishing you lots of possibilities

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