Mid Year Xmas

Where has the year gone? Here we are nearly the end of July.

I apologise for not blogging recently. I got out of the routine and I know for me to accomplish things I need a system so this time I am determined.....

For the Kepple Clan we've just celebrated our 6th annual mid-year Xmas barbecue in London on a beautiful sunny July Sunday. Our group changes every year. Friends come and go from London, some back to New Zealand, we've now got a son-in-law and an Irish boyfriend. In 2008 we had a bump in the tummy (no, not mine) that was a babe in arms last year and the star of the show this year.

The Present Game is still the highlight of the afternoon ....

The age when the paper rubbish is more fun than the gifts.

I thank my family for their love and all the fun we have together and a big thank you to all our friends who share our lives.


  1. Hi Beverly
    You have a nice blog..keep up the good work and the crafts! I love to make cards/sew as well, it's very therapeutic don't you agree?
    FYI I am Jenthewen (swap bot blog swap).

    Best wishes.

  2. That looks like so much fun! :) LesleyKnitsPretty on Swapbot

  3. We play a present game at Christmas that my Aunt introduced me to (technically she's my husbands aunt but she's Aunt to me to now lol). All forms of mayhem ensue when we play it lol.

    I live in Bedford so just down the road from you :) (P.s. I'm Godsrockangel on Swap-Bot)