Affirmation Cards

One of my most recent swaps on Swap-bot was to make a set of 20 Affirmation cards. I saw my partner liked bright colours and clowns. Now a lot of people don't like clowns, I guess they were scared by them as a kid or find them sad but I have always found them cheerful, there to make us laugh. In fact, years ago I used to collect them everytime we went on holiday. I think I got to about 35 and my kids said to stop collecting. I left them all behind in NZ. So what am I doing now? collecting cats! I must be a collector, you should see my craft stash. LOL!
Here's the cards I made. I was very pleased with them and so was my partner. I wonder what the cards I receive will look like? Will there be the affirmation "I am in the process of decluttering my stash"?

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