Affirmation Cards

One of my most recent swaps on Swap-bot was to make a set of 20 Affirmation cards. I saw my partner liked bright colours and clowns. Now a lot of people don't like clowns, I guess they were scared by them as a kid or find them sad but I have always found them cheerful, there to make us laugh. In fact, years ago I used to collect them everytime we went on holiday. I think I got to about 35 and my kids said to stop collecting. I left them all behind in NZ. So what am I doing now? collecting cats! I must be a collector, you should see my craft stash. LOL!
Here's the cards I made. I was very pleased with them and so was my partner. I wonder what the cards I receive will look like? Will there be the affirmation "I am in the process of decluttering my stash"?

Looking with New Eyes

During July I have been taking another of Shimelle's courses "Love your Pictures, Love your Pages" over at
The idea is to improve my photography. Shimelle's courses are always top class and I'm learning to look with new eyes.

The council have planted wild flowers in a roundabout at the end of our street. This was how it looked in June.

And now in July...

A great contrast.

This is the time when the spiders' webs are everywhere. Shimelle suggests getting down low and taking the photo looking up at the subject.

And to try getting up very close.

And last week I was looking out my office window and saw this pair of pigeons. The male was glaring at his mate and every now and again she tried to peck him which made him very angry. He kept attacking her very forcefully until she became submissive. We've called him wife-beater and we don't like him anymore. Is this normal behaviour for pigeons?

And finally, for no reason at all, a line of birdies on the wall. Don't they look cute?

I hope you enjoyed my post. Bye for now

Mid Year Xmas

Where has the year gone? Here we are nearly the end of July.

I apologise for not blogging recently. I got out of the routine and I know for me to accomplish things I need a system so this time I am determined.....

For the Kepple Clan we've just celebrated our 6th annual mid-year Xmas barbecue in London on a beautiful sunny July Sunday. Our group changes every year. Friends come and go from London, some back to New Zealand, we've now got a son-in-law and an Irish boyfriend. In 2008 we had a bump in the tummy (no, not mine) that was a babe in arms last year and the star of the show this year.

The Present Game is still the highlight of the afternoon ....

The age when the paper rubbish is more fun than the gifts.

I thank my family for their love and all the fun we have together and a big thank you to all our friends who share our lives.