In my Behavioural Profile, using the DISC system, I have a lot of C for compliance. One of the characteristics of this way of behaving is wanting everything to be perfect and when it isn't this can lead to feeling a bit down in the dumps. Which I have been of late ....and it's probably due to getting tired with the packing and moving for the 9th time in 6 years. That's why there has been no posts from me, together with not having Internet connection for 2 weeks.

However, life isn't's an adventure, not unlike a roller coaster. The ups with the downs and it's a whole lot fun along the way!

I read recently that you can't get what you desire or dream of until you are truly grateful for what you have.

I am so grateful for a wonderful husband and family. Friends who care. Springtime and fields of daffodils.

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