Scrapbooking Supplies

Tomorrow Shimelle's latest course "Something for Almost Nothing" starts where we use up lots of our supplies (stash) that we have lying around (sometimes hiding) in drawers and cupboards. Shimelle has already set us a pre-course photograph our stash of supplies. We move on Friday so I've been packing mine. Here are some of the boxes (with another 4 already in the garage)

And here's the rest of my supplies still to pack. On the right there are 3 cupboards also full. Since this is the 9th move in 6 years perhaps I should have just kept in all in the boxes?

I'm not sure one course is going to be enough to reduce this hoard!


  1. Good luck with the move, lots of lovely stash to reorganise when you get there. Hope you have a craft space. See you in class xxx

  2. Mmm....I see what you mean! Great stash ! See you in class!

  3. Good luck with your move! You have a great stash and I'm sure our class will be helpful for all of us!