Junque Journal

This year I decided to improve my creativity by signing up for an online Art Journal Course called Art Journal Caravan by Angie Baxter.

I have been finding it so hard. My mind goes blank when we get the prompt for the week. I could write it down as a little story but draw/paint/collage it? Where do these wonderfully creative people get their ideas from? I'm in awe as I look at their pages. So far I have completed every session (8 in total) but not game enough to publish any of my "art".

What I discovered is that I am very left brain, logical and ordered. I like my things to all line up and be balanced......tidy with just a few colours that go together.....that was until I discovered Junque Journals!

On the forum for this course, was a post from Angie about creating a book where you put all your memorabilia, greeting cards, menus...whatever you collect and hang onto for the memory or sentimental reasons. This should give you the link to the first video which shows you how.


Well I thought I would give it a try. A quick trip to the supermarket to buy a cheap school book and I was underway.

It took me a couple of hours to make. But it was wonderful fun! I just love it, the look and feel of it.

Nothing is precisely measured. I loved crunching up the pages. I used up lots of my old stash. When it was finished I decorated the cover with pretty paper and embellishments.

And then I started filling it. I had a shoe box filled with all sorts of things so they are all in my journal now which stands in a corner of the lounge.

Do you want to try it? Or let me know if you'd prefer me to make you one.

wishing you lots of possibilities....

Morning Walks & the Things I See

I haven't got the right kind of camera for these dawn photos but they capture certain momemts.....like our footprints in fresh snow.

And those birds again. I thought we had missed them as there was no noise and then out they came from the tree. Of course my camera was in my pocket and by the time I got it out to click and shoot they were on their way....

And for those of you who are sick of winter...signs of spring are around.

Enjoy your day...filled with lots of possibilities.

Do you keep a Diary or Journal?

Over the years I've tried to keep a journal. I like the idea of recording each day.... what happens, what I get up to and other thoughts. The year starts with great gusto and then I get busy, forget for a few days, and then give up.

I came across this blog
and thought that's a good idea. You create a calendar by writing each day on little squares of paper but I was not sure that I'd keep up with sticking in the squares. So I decided to use blank calendar pages. I printed them off using Microsoft Publisher, made a cover, title page and bound it.

And it's proving easy to keep up todate. Little squares, writing one word or a couple of sentences. the odd picture or drawing. Great for using up old stickers too. I am very pleased with it.

If you'd like me to make you one (just a small charge to cover printing, binding & postage), just make a comment below. Till next time...


I got it!

I remembered to take the camera this morning. The photos aren't that good being dawn but you'll get the idea. When we got to the field we waited. This is the tree....

We knew we hadn't missed them because we could hear the birds getting ready. We waited about five minutes and then it happened. A couple of birds came out of the tree and then the rest. Thousands of them. All at once.

It's so quick. They are out and gone in less than 30 seconds.

I wonder where they go all day? They come back around 5pm but in smaller groups, circling around several times before settling in the tree.

Awesome Sight but Forgot the Camera

How often does that happen?

This morning I promised myself not to do that again.

As you know we go for a walk most mornings about 6.30am. We pass a large open paddock that has 3 or 4 large evergreen trees in it and it is here that the birds rest for the night. In the morning we can hear them twittering inside the trees.

As we passed by this morning the twittering changed and we heard some flapping of wings. I quickly turned to face the trees and then thousands of birds came out of the one tree, swirling and flapping. I've never seen so many birds. What a sight. What a noise. And then they took off and were gone.

And I never got a photo. Mmmmm tomorrow? Hopefully.