Tweet little birdie

At our house in Scotland we had a backyard with lots of trees & bushes and many birds visited our garden so we bought a little bird feeder in the form of a hut.

Now we are renting in Milton Keynes, in a comfortable house but with a barren back yard...and very few birds. We still put food out but mainly the greedy pigeons feed. Then during the snowy days of late I spied a little bird feeding.

It was tricky taking the photo. Getting the camera, without the bird seeing movement inside the house, positioning the camera against the glass so there was no reflection, waiting till the bird moved so he was move visible, then click!

Oh Christmas Tree

Its up and decorated. Thank you Rebecca! And there are presents around it already. Just showing the family so they can get even more excited!

It almost looks like snow outside. It isn't but we're hoping it will soon as it's cold enough!

Grey day but a great Sight

A really grey day can be depressing but on the walk back to my car from a shopping expedition I noticed the water reflection of this sculpture. Took a photo, not sure how it would turn out without some sunlight. But look.... what a sight!

My photography is improving!

Journal Your Christmas

I've started my Journal!

So far so good for Day 1.
The format for my pages in a ring binder with the circle tags numbering the days came from Erica Lee's blog
I found an A5 sized ring binder which is perfect...but I haven't figured out how to decorate the cover yet! Might just cover it in fabric. Mmmm I did say I was going to use up my stash, not buy more.

I also pre decorated the pages this year - not sure how I like that idea. Will the papers etc go with the photos?

The intention is to use circles as the recurring element throughout the pages. We'll see what happens!