Countdown to Launch

12 days until I launch my new project.
Our Family - Our Story
It's exciting and scary at the same time.

I'm holding an afternoon tea & coffee followed by a presentation to inspire and help people write the stories about their families so they are captured for future generations as journals, photo albums or in electronic form. It's in Milton Keynes on 21 November from 2 to 4pm. If you want to come post a comment below and I'll email you the details.

The idea of the project came when I visited Bletchley Park and saw an ambulance just like the one my grandmother drove in London during World War II.

I loved my grandmother. She was my ‘special relative’ while I was growing up but I realized I have very little documented about her. I know her date of birth and death, and where she lived. There are a few family photos over the years with the odd caption but not much else. I just remember her now as a lovely, frail old lady who died when she was 94. Obviously she must have been very brave and strong when she was younger, to drive an ambulance during the bombings.

It is such a pity I never found the time to sit with her and write down all her stories while she was alive.

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