Reads the Signs

We're always on the lookout for signs. There's enough of them around. They are everywhere, not just on the roads to help us and keep us safe but also think about all the signs on packaging. It would be interesting to count the number of signs we read on any given day, but I'm not going to as I reckon the number would be huge!

I take photos of the interesting, unusual or funny ones. And of course they make their way into a Memory Album to enjoy later.

Why is the sign for 490 yards and not 500? How do they know? Where does the measuring start on a bend?

It just seemed odd to us that a sign was needed to say no charge for wheelchair users.

The label on the wine cask says " Don't drink and walk on the road, you may be killed" It struck me as sad that it's a necessary label for a South African wine.

The Stop sign, don't follow the vehicle in front didn't make too much sense to me.

And I'm not sure why Troops crossing would be dangerous. I guess it means "Be alert & ready to stop as troops may cross the road ahead"

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