I'm back

Firstly a big thank you to Karen, my coach and friend, who has encouraged me to start blogging again. It's something I enjoy, but I stopped because I thought no-one was reading it. However Karen pointed out the obvious...if there's nothing new, people have nothing to read!

My "Create a Gratitude Journal" course is going well. People are signing up and sending me emails about how much they are enjoying the process and learning to scrapbook at the same time. Please send me some photos of your pages so I can post them on the blog too. Here's my Title page....

One of the things that I'm most grateful for is the love of a wonderful family. We spent last Saturday in London celebrating Louise's birthday with the Thames RIB Experience. It was so much fun. Exciting, exhilarating and lots of sights on London too. What gave me the most pleasure was all of us together including husbands, cousins & boyfriends, doing something together and enjoying each others' company. This is all of us experiencing the thrill of high speed on the Thames!