Let’s Celebrate
There’s a World of Possibilities….

Over the past few months I’ve been concentrating on being grateful ….grateful for all the many wonderful things in my life. My health, happiness, my husband & family, the possessions I love, the magnificent beauty of nature all around us, not to mention hobbies, sports and the many ways we can be entertained. And I’ve found that by doing so, I am much happier, like I have an inner peace.

The other aspect I have found to be true is that the more one is grateful for what one has now, the more one’s dreams are fulfilled. This is well documented in books like “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne's, Michael Losier’s “The Law of Abundance” and “The Key” by Joe Vitale who says

“Just be happy now.
Out of this now will come the miracles you seek”

So I thought it would be wonderful to celebrate by creating a book of my life. It’ll be part scrapbook, part journal, with collage, photos, records …. all sorts of fun ways to document the things I am grateful for.

Come on an adventure with me. Create a Gratitude Book and Celebrate Your Life.

Lots of Possibilities is my new online Club where I'll be helping you make your own Gratitude Journal for only £5 per month.

Every week you’ll get an email with prompts, instructions, hints and tips to help you create your book. We will explore the different aspects of your life in more detail. And I’ll share samples of my pages too.

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We’ll scrapbook... learn some new techniques. Maybe you think your pages in your photo albums have a sameness about the look of them. Here’s an opportunity to try new things without fear of making a mess in your family albums.

We can make the pages lumpy if we want. We won’t worry too much about the archival aspect of our pages because this book is for us, unless of course you want to preserve it. That’s fine…over to you.

The plan is not to spend any money after the purchase of our book…well we might need to top up on adhesive but we won’t need to buy any new papers, stickers etc unless we want to. It’s a challenge to use up stuff from our current stash!

If you’re just starting scrapbooking I’ll be teaching you how to do it. You might want to buy a few sheets of pretty paper to get started or be inventive and use other things like old greeting cards or wrapping paper.

We might incorporate other craft techniques into our pages…stamping, embossing, collage, decoupage, beading…who knows where our journey will take us.

We’ll journal....this might be a word, a sentence or our deeper inner thoughts. But it’ll be about the things we’re celebrating. I’ll help you with your handwriting if you don’t like it but it’ll be fine to use a computer too.

We’ll take photos….of the usual subjects and the unusual. We’ll explore taking photos of different subjects, maybe from different angles. We’ll also use existing photos.

Mostly we’re going to have fun, be grateful and celebrate our lives!

I can’t wait to get started on this journey with you. What are we waiting for? Click on the button below to sign up.


  1. I'm signed up! Can't wait to get the first lesson x

  2. Yeay, I'm in too and looking forward to this immensely, Thank you