We'll miss you Michael

When I woke up this morning I was sad to hear that Michael Jackson had died. He might have lived an unusual life but over the years he gave our family lots of pleasure with his music and dance......

.....in my teenage years with the Jackson 5

.....when our girls were growing up and into dancing, his music featured in many concerts

.....the Mums dancing to "Whose Bad?" Embarassing as that was, with my College students watching, I did dance to an audience.

.....an awesome performance by Michael in Auckland about 15 years ago where in a stadium of thousands we spotted our daughters.

.....and here's a photo of the last time our family danced together to Michael, November 08.

Happy Memories.

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  1. Love the pic of you dancing in front of the telly! I can remember being in the auditorium watching the original 'Bad' dance you did :)
    Rebecca x