I am loving this hot weather. Yes, it is harder to sleep but after nearly five years in clear crisp Scotland, its great to feel the heat on my back. We're up at 6.30am for our morning walk. So peaceful and quiet. Takes us about 45 minutes to walk our circuit, which includes the Equestrian Centre.

Imagine my surprise when flowers were delivered to me yesterday afternoon....I've had my birthday...its not my wedding anniversary. Thank you Karen! Such a lovely thought and you're away on holiday too but thought you might like to see them.

Watched the tennis last night. On the edge of our seats, but congratulations to Andy Murray on winning the game. Tonight I'm off to a card making class.

Fun & Laughter

Saturday was a glorious summer's day...well to begin with....

Friends gathered at Vanessa's flat and the barbecue was lit. Ice-cold beers and lots of wine. The sun shone brilliantly. It was hot, hot, hot.
Around 4pm it was time for the present game. Now everyone brings 4 or 5 wrapped presents which go into a pile in the centre of the circle. The pile was huge this year. There are 3 trays holding 2 dice which are passed around the circle. When you throw a double you can choose a present but you don't unwrap it... that comes later. We keep throwing the dice until all the presents have been chosen.

We were getting close to the end when the thunder started, the heavens opened and it poured. Everyone inside quickly to carry was a bit of a squash but we got everyone in the lounge moving out most of the furniture. Once all the presents had been chosen we throw the dice for 10 more minutes and this time if you throw a double you can take a present off someone else. Its so funny what people get up to and how some presents become highly desirable even though you have no idea what's inside.
That's the end of the game and you can open the presents. What a lot of Fun and Laughter!!
Happy Kepples!

Today is Mid-Year Christmas

Some people have been asking what's this all about? Well coming from New Zealand where Xmas day is hot and sunny (usually) we have a barbecue, outside in the back yard, at a beach or in a park. Sausages, chops, steak that sort of thing. So we miss out on the turkey, Xmas pud and the other trimmings. There's a tradition in NZ to hold a mid-year Xmas party around this time when its cold, wet and more wet.
Now we live in England we enjoy a thoroughly English Xmas on 25 Dec so we decided to enjoy a NZ style one mid-year. Kepples introduced The Present Game to this annual event. Its such fun but more about that tomorrow.....

We'll miss you Michael

When I woke up this morning I was sad to hear that Michael Jackson had died. He might have lived an unusual life but over the years he gave our family lots of pleasure with his music and dance...... my teenage years with the Jackson 5

.....when our girls were growing up and into dancing, his music featured in many concerts

.....the Mums dancing to "Whose Bad?" Embarassing as that was, with my College students watching, I did dance to an audience. awesome performance by Michael in Auckland about 15 years ago where in a stadium of thousands we spotted our daughters.

.....and here's a photo of the last time our family danced together to Michael, November 08.

Happy Memories.

A little DISC training

This morning I'm the guest speaker on the ActionCOACH Support Team Call, talking about VAK and DISC. I created 15 videos about this topic and you can find them at and you don't have to be a coach to get value from understanding VAK & DISC.

Also I'm feeling a little sad that this is the last Support Team Call.....

A New Beginning

After several months of...well...procrastination really, I have started my blog. I hope you'll join me on a regular basis to see how I'm viewing the world.

Last night we went down to London, had a Thai meal (delicious) before going to Rebecca & Louise's Landmark Advanced Course last night. We're booked in for the beginning of August. It's going to be great.

We are enjoying a beautiful summers day today...long may this weather last. Dinner to cook now, simple chicken and mushroom stir-fry with some spinach.

Are you wondering what's this photo all about? Sitting at the station in Milton Keynes waiting for the 5pm train looking at the mirror wall across the track and the wonderful reflection. I love blue skies and fluffy clouds.