International Day of Friendship

Today, Wednesday 30th July 2014, is the 
International Day of Friendship. 
Be happy. 
Smile and make everyone else happy too.

Loving London

The Jewel of the Crown - Every stone tells a story

The Worker's Lunch

The Old and the New
I've been making a few postcards lately, mainly to try a different size from ATCs. 6 x 4 is a good size.

There's a Few Birds in my Craft Room

 I'm still playing with Collage .......Trying to layer more...making Postcards.....Relaxing and having fun
I copied this idea from a pin on Pinterest...I would credit the artist if I knew who it was. They inspired me to try something different.

Our Queenie

Here's our new family member and my surprise Christmas present from my family.

And a little more collage

New Year - New Dreams

Happy New Year! I always look forward to the first of January....a time to reflect...a time to start afresh.

I enrolled in an on-line Collage Course "Marvel: Our Precious Life" with Kelly Kilmer 

and I'm so excited to get started today. Here is my page before I did my journaling....

because what I dream about is a little private today.

A few Royal things

Well it was quite a weekend. I've always loved the pomp and ceremony of all things royal. Even if you're not a fan of the royal family you have to admire the commitment and stamina of the Queen. She is quite remarkable and I hope I'm still that active in my eighties. An ATC to commemorate the Jubilee...

And here's another ATC with a wise quote....I wonder if the Queen has ever dusted?

and now to Royal business... One supplier to our business sends invoices weekly and includes a return address envelope with every invoice. Since I pay online I'm gathering quite a collection of these security envelopes. Have you ever paid much attention to the insides? All sorts of patterns and colours I made a page for my Smash book/Junk Journal with the theme of Royal Mail.

Until next time... Beverly

What Have I Been Doing?

Learning to be a Grannykins... This is William born at 5am on 30 April 2012. My first grandchild and I think the first baby I have held since my youngest daughter was born 30 years ago. You don't lose the touch or that incredible feeling of wonder at life's creations.
Work has been taking up a lot of my time. Keeps the brain active...the mind young and I enjoy it.
And for relaxation I play with scissors, paper and glue. I've made this 8 page Smash Book for a swap and I'm sending it to the USA tomorrow. I'm really pleased with the finished result so I just had to take photos before I send it.
What are you doing for the Jubilee? I've done some patriotic crafting!

Do you Lose Things?

I'm participating in a Round Robin Journal Swap over on UKStampers and the Journal I have at the moment has the theme  "Places" so naturally I chose New Zealand. Although I no longer live there and am unlikely to again, it is still a beautiful country with lovely friendly people.

I wanted to capture the essence of New Zealand.
Blue skies
Deep blue sea
Green grass and trees
and of course the unique Maori culture

So I painted Rangitoto Island with the blue sky above and the sea below with water colour pencils, then stamped and collaged other images. It was OK but I thought it could be better (why are we so hard on ourselves?) Then I put it under something to flatten it....a week later I couldn't find it because I couldn't remember where I hid it.

Not meant to be so I created another page.

This one in my style - collaged.......

Then...of course....I found the other one ...ah opportunity to relive some memories. But which one will I put in the RR Journal?

I've been learning about Collaged Characters.

I've been a bit of a silent follower of the Art Journey along at UK Scrapers. Printed off all the tutorials and getting lots of excellent ideas for my daily Art Journal.

Last week's lesson was from Julie Kirk. I love her quirky style. You can see it over at

Collaged characters are something I have been wanting to try so I set myself a goal of making an ATC with one. Quite a challenge to get small enough bits. Not very many pieces and I forgot to sketch around the outside to tie it all together but overall this ATC makes me smile.......Does it make you?